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At ACMTRAD we specialise in translation services and linguistic consultancy for industrial sectors. From the outset, we decided to focus on the fields that we’re most competent in, because we believe that it’s better to master a few specific sectors rather than translate every subject matter.

Ingeniería mecánica y eléctrica

Mechanical and electrical engineering

We translate user, safety and maintenance manuals, designs, product specification brochures, data sheets, technical data sheets, product labels, product quality controls, certificates and quality regulations…

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Electrónica y telecomunicaciones

Electronics and telecommunications

We translate user manuals for components, among other documents.

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We localise ERP and SAP programs for companies and employees – anywhere in the world.

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Automotive industry

We translate all types of documentation for industrial vehicles and heavy machinery.

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Equipos de procesado industrial

Industrial process equipment

We translate user and maintenance manuals.

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Servicios financieros y legales

Financial and legal services

We translate documentation like business reports and contracts, among other types of texts.

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