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Who are we?

We want to earn your trust and become your translation service provider, just as we’ve done for our clients for almost two decades. To convince you of this, here are three good reasons why you can trust us with the translation of your documents:

Our experienced team

The ACMTRAD team boast decades of experience. We’ve chosen to specialise in the translation, desktop publishing and localisation of technical texts for industrial sectors such as the automotive, electronic, engineering and software industries. And it’s our work in these areas that distinguishes us as experts in our field.

In addition, as experts in desktop publishing programmes, we deliver documents ready for printing.

Our quality guarantee

Our work processes adhere to a strict quality policy. We provide a fast turnaround because the work is carried out by professionals who know the language well and who deliver the optimal localisation of content.

Our clients are happy to trust us with their manuals and technical documents, because we understand their needs and we know how to meet them in an effective manner.

Our commitment to our clients

We’re always here for you; with each assignment we feel closer to our clients and we become your technical translation department. We like to build long-lasting relationships step by step – through dedication and a personalised service.

We always take care to maintain the confidentiality of projects, in the same way that we respect the individual style of each brand that we translate for.


The dynamic team behind ACMTRAD are highly experienced in translation, desktop publishing and consultancy. We manage projects end to end and assign them to our unified team of in-house and freelance translators spread around the world. Each one of them is completely reliable and trusted by us following years of working together.


We organise the team according to the languages that each assignment requires: we translate more than 30 languages, from Western and Eastern European languages to Nordic and Asian languages, and we localise software and marketing campaigns to perfection. Therefore we ensure that we can always meet your needs, because we put together a personalised team just for you.

In line with the quality regulation for service providers in the field of translation, our translators must be able to certify their qualifications and have demonstrable experience in some of our areas of specialisation, in addition to knowing how to use computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools; if not, we don’t hire them.