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Our content localisation service started out by focusing on software, but we soon began to expand our offering to cover any corporate and marketing material that needs to be globalised and understood by the target market.

At ACMTRAD we localise specific programmes for companies, such as software or corporate management, websites and intranets, marketing brochures and materials for global campaigns. Just as with our desktop publishing service, we can directly translate the source code to be more efficient in its delivery while maintaining the quality of our work.

Software localisation is a key element in the internationalisation of companies, not just technological ones. Having global content that’s understood without any misconceptions on behalf of the user is essential in legal or economic texts, likewise in user, maintenance and safety manuals.

Localisation goes beyond translation, since the cultural adaptation of the content needs to be ensured in a way that’s commercially attractive. After all, a marketing campaign may be global, but its personalisation is the way in which the user’s attention is attracted; localisation is essential for this purpose.

By relying on our network of collaborators around the world, the ACMTRAD team is able to guarantee that the localisation is as authentic as possible and always carried out with the utmost quality guarantee.

Localización de software